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Delivery and Return of the Car

The vehicle is delivered to the Renter in fully operational condition, without any external defects. If the Renter discovers any malfunctions or damages after the delivery of the vehicle, they must report the issue to a representative of the company before using the car.

The return of the vehicle must be made within the established timeframe. By renting the vehicle, the Renter agrees to return the vehicle in the same condition and configuration in which it was received (including all accessories and documents). The return is made at a pre-agreed location. If the Renter violates the established rules of using the vehicle, the Owner of the vehicle has the right to take it back earlier than the established term. No refund is made in this case.

Condition of vehicle

The Renter acknowledges the vehicle, and all accessories, tires, and equipment are sole property of the Owner and are delivered in good working condition and shall return the vehicle in the same condition as when received with all tire's, tools, equipment, and documents intact.



The Renter states that he/she is physically and legally qualified to operate the vehicle and is 23 years and above. Any violation of this age limit upon discovery will attract appropriate penalties from the owner. Violation of this age limits also makes the Renter liable to any liabilities and damages that is incurred duo to non-covarage by insurance.

Exemption from liability

The owner is financially responsible for expenses incurred by the driver, renter, or other road users only if the damage was caused by the owner's gross negligence or violation of established rules. In all other cases, the car owner is not liable.

Rental fee

The Renter shall pay to the Owner upon demand all charges incurred in connection with the rental described herein including all rates, optional charges, refueling service charges, airport fees, fines, Salik levied by local authorities, insurance excess (if CDW is not purchased) and other charges plus all loss or damage to the vehicle. 



To pay the excess insurance amount (if not opted for SDW) as mentioned in the contract in case of an accident with police report where hirer is at fault or hit & run scenario. If CDW is not purchased, in the case of any accident at fault of the Hirer, the Hirer shall pay in full the insurance excess claim, daily rent charge for all days the vehicle is in the garage for repairs. And in case of total loss of the vehicle at Hirer fault, the Hirer shall pay the insurance cost and any other amount that the insurance shall discount according to the insurance conditions plus the daily rentals for days spent in court if any.

Privacy Policy

In order to ensure that customers obtain the required service they ordered, we store their contact information on our platform, including names, email addresses, and mobile phone numbers. As part of the booking procedure for luxury car rentals, we also request that our customers provide us with their driver’s license and other personal identification documents. Does not save any payment information from its customers. 


Smoking in our vehicles is strictly prohibited as it damages our cars and is a safety hazard while driving. (Penalties may apply)

The driver must return the car in the same condition he/she received; if the vehicle is dirty or has any food leftovers or stains, this will result in a cleaning charge.

Off-roading, racing or ‘drifting’ in our vehicles is strictly prohibited. Going to deserts and tracks is not allowed.

Security Deposit

Renter agrees to pay a Security deposit of minimum AED 3,000. For new Rolls Royce/Bugatti, Ferrari, Lamborghini etc. the Security deposit shall be within the range of AED 10,000 and AED 20,000 as may be determined by the Owner. The deposit will be used in the event of loss or damage to the vehicle or equipment during the rental term, to defray fully or partially the cost of necessary repairs or replacement, including settlement of fines or violations. 


Once the payment for the rental has been processed, your reservation cannot be cancelled.

Once the vehicle has been reserved, we cannot provide any refunds, but you can change your reservation date by contacting our customer support team (Terms and Conditions apply). 

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